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Family constellations

3. december 19:00 - 22:00

Democratic school i Frugtlageret

Meet me in Gdansk!

This is a chance to experience a Family Constellation with Pernille.

  • Would you love to experience the power of the field, and through 1st hand experience, witness healing taking place?
  • Do you long to understand the dynamics in your family – or in yourself?

A family constellation has something to offer you!

This evening at Konopnicka, all participants will be invited into some exercises to get a sense of the field. After that, one or two participants will be given the opportunity to work on their topic as seekers. Some typical topics for constellations are:

  • How we feel towards ourselves
  • Stuck family patterns,
  • Relationships – or lack of
  • Beliefs systems that get in our way,
  • Emotional states that we are longing to get out of.

We work with the topic through a systemic lens, un-earthing old loyalty and articulating the unspoken truths. This can have a dramatic, lasting healing effect on the seeker and others present. The other participants this evening will be invited to step in as representatives for elements in the topic we look at.

Before we start the constellation, participants will get an introduction to what is going to happen, thus, no former experience is required.

You sign up by sending an email to Pernille Plantener.



3. december
19:00 - 22:00


M. Konopnickiej 7/1
Gdańsk, 80-240 Poland
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