June-December 2021


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65 hours




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Grow and expand your coaching skills to support real transformation into a new future.

This Needs-based Coaching Programme invites you to become the skillful, compassionate and inspiring person you would like to meet when you are looking for someone to walking alongside you whilst shifts happen in your life.

  • Are you passionate about supporting others to leave their early conditioning behind and move towards fulfilling their calling?
  • Are you longing for confidence in traveling the unknown fields of another person’s heart sphere?
  • And do you love being touched by people as a part of what you do for a living?

In Needs-based Coaching we support clients to embrace their vulnerability and find courage, self-care and power to stand strong.

Steeped in Nonviolent Communication, this Coaching program teaches you to how to support people on the journey towards self-connection and alignment with their inherent values. Following the client's agenda, you will learn to accompany people towards mending their brokenness, choosing self-care, and embarking on the journey of their heart.


The teaching is experiential and practical with enough theory of the human brain works to understand the foundation for our practices. The focus is on becoming a skilled and confident coach while dissolving your inner blocks of relating to others with authenticity and resonance.

The course lasts 7 months, leaving time for practice and deepening between modules so that you will not only learn coaching skills and modalities, but also experience personal growth and transformation. With the additional module Healing-Focused Coaching 26-28 January 2022, you will get to know how to support healing of the wounded child within, opening for true choice when stakes are high. This extra module will also deepen your own journey of healing, as well as learning the pathway towards liberating your clients from trauma.



Coaching skills are applicable to any profession working with people. NVC-trainers, psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, doctors, teachers, managers, team-leaders and people from several other professions have benefited from attending this programme.

  • If you are a practitioner of Nonviolent Communication or enjoy supporting others with empathy - yet missing more ways to connect and touch your audience than empathizing, this training will offer you professional skills to develop your practice and embark on offering professional 1-on-1 sessions.
  • If you are trained as coach and would like to learn the needs-based approach to personal development and more depth in your work with your clients
  • If you are a health care worker, teacher, manager, consultant, mediator or in another profession working with people, and wanting to expand your knowledge and skills of how to inspire your clients, patients and students - towards becoming self-aware, express themselves authentically, and step into responsibility for their own life choices.
  • If you are on the path of self-development and would like to pursue a training that on top of offering you depth work, healing, and self-confidence, also equips you with professional skills for a potential, future career that you can bring with you wherever you go.

This course can be used as part of your portfolio towards certification with the International Coach Federation. We will provide the needed documents for reference.


Needs-Based Coaching is developed from Nonviolent Communication, Coaching for Transformation, and Resonant Healing. Pernille Plantener has taught this program to more than 500 students since 2014, mostly as in-person courses in Poland. Covid-19 taught us that these life-transforming skills can just as well be learned and embodied through a virtual classroom.

Furthermore the current situation Covid-19 is also teaching has also taught us how necessary it is to work flexibly. With coaching skills in your pouch, you can support people via internet or phone everywhere. As the training is fully online, you can attend it from your home.

Who stands behind this programme?

Needs-Based Coaching is offered by BusinessByHeart (Denmark) and Gesprächskultur (Austria) in cooperation. It has been tested at and adjusted to more than 500 students since 2013, thanks to local organizers Dominika Jasinska (Gdansk), Beata Kosiacka (Warsaw), and Marta Kulaga (Cracow).

Pernille Plantener - lead trainer/organizer.  Certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication, coach at PCC level, seasoned coach educator, living in Denmark where she co-founded the workshop and permaculture center The Fruit Storage at her home.

Kersten Kloser-Pitcher - co-trainer/organizer. Certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication, life coach and social consultant, Entrepreneur. Based in Vienna where she is part of a co-housing project and surrounded by her kids, partner, and lots of flowers.


Kersten Kloser-Pitcher and Pernille Plantener


  • The principles in supporting personal transformation
  • Three levels of listening
  • The neurobiology of healing and growing
  • Holding the presenting and the deeper agendas
  • 25 coaching skills - from holding silence, to using your intuition, to calling out the power
  • Supporting the client through bold action steps
  • Experiencing the present moment: acknowledging emotions
  • Exploring values and needs: Self-awareness through a needs-lens
  • Envisioning the future: Following the heart's true longing
  • Embracing the Shadow: Welcoming our multi-faceted personality
  • Ethics of coaching
  • How does historical trauma and the history of colonialism affect the coaching space?
  • Expanding our understanding of the inter-relatedness of all things
  • Pushing the client to fly - when and how?
  • Holding our client's experience with reverence
  • Limits of coaching - when to refer to other practitioners

Expect a participatory workshop design and allow your own transformation to unfold as you are learning the skills and practicing with one another.




Each teaching day during the modules will last six hours of which one hour is break time.

  • Pacific timezone 5am-11am
  • US East coast timezone 8am-2pm
  • UK time 13-19
  • Central European Time 14-20
  • Doha, Istanbul, Sochi 4pm-10pm

We encourage you to keep your calendar open for a 60 min practice group meeting outside of workshop hours. We will match you with someone from your timezone if possible, and you will self-organize your meetings.

  • Pacific timezone 8am-10am
  • US East coast timezone 11am-1pm
  • UK time 16-18
  • Central European Time: 17-19
  • Doha, Istanbul, Sochi 7pm-9pm

Webinars are planned on the following dates between 1st and 2nd module:

30th June, and 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th August

Between 2nd and 3rd module:

29th September, 13th and 27th October, and 10th and 24th November.



We ask you to commit to practice with one or more peers 1-2 hours a week. We will match you with someone from your time zone if possible, and you will arrange your practice yourselves.

All workshop sessions and webinars will be recorded and available in the online forum, which also allows for discussions, connection, and sharing of experiences.



Needs-based Coaching is a world-transforming practice. It awakens you, the practitioner, as it awakens your clients. Previous participants have reported that their lives have been touched in so many ways. You can expect to be dissolving the blocks previously holding you back from speaking your truth and choosing the path of your heart. If you are like us, you, too, will grow into a sense of being of service to the greater good.

We want this programme to be available for people who need its power to transform our world, no matter their life conditions and what they earn. Thus, we are keeping our costs as low as possible; no external marketing agents, no expensive logos and other expensive wrapping; we are using a barefoot approach to communication, and keeping the focus on delivering content of the highest quality possible.

Thus, the early bird price of this course is, until 1st April, depending on your country of residence:

  • Global South, Eastern Europe, and countries with a similar purchasing power 950 EUR
  • North America, Western Europe and financially similar countries 1.500 EUR .

By 30th March, prices go up with 300 EUR.

Partial scholarships are available; write and ask us if you want to know more about this option.