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Come closer - in English

1. June 2023 14: 00 - 2. June 2023 20: 00

195 EUR

Why are people acting so strangely?

in this 2-day introductory Workshop in Nonviolent Communication®, you will sharpen your attention to the feelings and needs behind the words and actions of others - and of yourself, and you will get to reveal what you really want to express. It strengthens your relationships when you listen with empathy and honestly express what is important to you.

The course is participatory; you can expect presentations, sharing, and exercises. You decide how much or how little you want to disclose from your own life.

Why spend these two days together?

  • Do you recognize facing the same disagreement with someone close to you - over and over?
  • Do you and your colleague talk past each other?
  • Are your children hard to reach?
  • Are you tired of being 'nice' but still wanting to be kind, yet showing more of who you really are?

Nonviolent communication offers you concrete options for how to handle these challenges - and more.

And probably just as important: We come to understand ourselves better, which allows us access to reconciliation within. This course will give you an experience of the trust and warmth we achieve when we meet ourselves and each other with curiosity

Practical matters:

The course takes place online via Zoom.

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1. June 2023 14: 00
2. June 2023 20: 00
195 EUR
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