Do you know your gearbar?

Did you know that your nervous system can run in three different gears? How your world looks depends on your gear - literally. The gear affects what you see and hear. How you understand what happens. How you react yourself. And your health.

The shift between the gears takes place unlabelled. Some of us change frequently, others have a preferred gear. The gears and the shift between them occur in the body and are measurable. The transmission takes place through the nerve bundle, called the Vagus nerve, which lies on the front of the spine and connects our organs with the brain.

Our nervous system has developed in this way to strengthen our chances of survival in a dangerous world where the bears and lions wondered. Today, an inappropriate gear can give us stress or block for friendliness and fellowship, even if that is what we long for.

The three gears can be called Contact, Fight / Fly and Freeze.

Contact gearbox

You operate from the contact gear when you feel comfortable and have an experience to belong to. Here you are set to confirm the contact and communicate with other people. It also reflects in the body's functions:

In this condition, there is more blood supply for the fine muscular face, ear and vocal cord. Your face is becoming more nuanced, and your ability to express the feelings of others by face and voice is enhanced. The hearing is sharpened in the area where the human voice sounds, and weakened in other frequencies. Your eyes sharply shorter distance. Your own voice becomes softer and signals you feel comfortable.

Dialogue in this mode is relaxed while focusing and you have a sense of contact with the person in front of you. And it's also a very good condition to be in for your health: Your digestion and your immune system work efficiently.

Flygt / Giant gear

This gear is associated with fear and anger. Although it has been many generations since it could mean the difference between life or death, if we were quick to respond to a lion silence on the horizon, our minds are still alert to sudden threats.

Your physiology behaves differently. Your distance vision and your ability to capture movements in the periphery are enhanced and the hearing expanded to the entire registry, especially low frequencies. Your own facialism becomes less differentiated, and when you face a person with neutral facial expressions, you perceive it spontaneously as hostile. You do not do that in the contact gear.

The blood supply goes to the body's big muscles and you are ready to respond quickly. In this gear, the impulse to fight or escape can overwrite rational risk analyzes. Digestion is put on hold. The immune system is set to whole wounds and not internal maintenance tasks.

Freeze-gear unit

This gear has evolution enabled us to ensure survival when all hope seems like when the mouse becomes sluggish between the jaws of the cat, even though it still lives. The freeze experience is both physical and mental.

Heart rate decreases significantly, breathing becomes more superficial. We experience getting rid of the environment, and the rate in the neurons decreases markedly; We become slower perceptible.

Deep shame brings us into this gear, as well as horror, hopelessness or deep sadness. An experience of being numb, disoriented or out of the world tells you that this is where you are. In this state it is impossible for you to say the boss and you are not able to defend a colleague who is being bullied. You just want to disappear.

What are you driving in?

The contact gear is where we are relaxed and where our body maintains itself the best. When we are out of danger, this is where we are doing the best. But many of us are so afraid not to stumble or fear a killing attack that we operate from the giant / aviation gear a great deal of time.

The giant / aviation gear gives us the opportunity for a fast punch or a fist fight that's over in a relatively short time. Our bodies become worn if we continue to operate from here: Digestive problems increase sensitivity to depression, infections, autoimmune diseases (eg rheumatoid arthritis), coronary heart disease (narrow blood vessels in the heart) and some cancerous diseases.

Additionally, the inconvenience of being in this gear. It's hard to be present with children, colleagues and friends. It is difficult to develop safe and mutual relationships. The need for rest, play, ease, cohesion and contact is increasingly experienced as unfulfilled.

Where is the # ¤% # gearbar?

The gearbar is called inward. We usually can not change gear by blaming or punishing ourselves for it. We must begin to show an understanding of the part of us who take care of our safety. That is what the Giant / Freight and Freight gear does.

It may sound like this - said silently to ourselves: "I feel my heart beating hard and fast, and my breathing is short. Is it because I long to be able to be safe and secure here? Thank you, body, for taking care my survival. I'm sure here, now. " It may not sound like much, but it's not always just what it takes.

For some of us it is not possible to hear an inner, caring voice. If you have this, you need someone to talk to you about what's threatening with warmth and understanding. One that does not explain and advise you but who is simply interested and positively minded about from experience. Eventually you will be able to talk to yourself in the same way - and your worried heart will calm down.

And at other times there are painful experiences from the past that must be recognized and kept warm and understanding that our nervous system becomes safe enough to turn 'home' to the Contact gear. In such situations, it is helpful to get help from someone who, together with you, investigates what has happened, open and friendly.

Gear and working environment

If your workplace is in particular operating in the giant / aviation gear, there is probably a high stress level and the staff are on the ducks opposite to each other or for relationships outside the department. New employees will be infected with the mood and be more likely to drive in the same gear.

If the workplace or department is dominated by the contact gear, it is probably a place where you feel welcome and where there is a comfortable level of trust present.
However, a workplace dominated by the freezer gear will be perceived as still; as if something is wrong, such as unspoken rules, invalidity in command lines or as a wait for settlement.

The working culture is changeable as the employees make it. But just as some people may have the fight / fly-or-freezer gear as their favorite, a department or an entire workplace can also have it. This is where an incoming business consultant with an eye for these relationships can help.

Find your gearbar

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Choosing a conversation with me will give you a tangible experience of coming back to the Contact Gear - over and over until you find yourself there. Along the way, we talk about all the things that stress or threaten you, and you find available solutions to what seems hard without support.

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