You are only six hours from your new facilitation style!

During six tailored 60-to-XNUMX conversations of XNUMX minutes, you become dressed to introduce a new meeting style.

As soon as I receive your ordering Facilitator - Clear and Credible, I will send you a questionnaire to answer before our first meeting. During meetings with 1 week's interval, we will systematically review the following:

  • Meeting management - it's about people from the first call to the minutes
  • Balance between rigidity and chaos - uncovering your strengths and challenges
  • Cultural understanding - listening with your skin
  • 2 options for automated responses when you're in trouble
  • 4 simple skills for co-facilitation
  • 3 steps in the evaluation loop

Not only will you become more inspiring, clear and trustworthy in the role of meeting chair, your new skills will inevitably spill over and have a positive influence on the people you chair.

Facilitator - Clear and Credible costs 5.000 + VAT.

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