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Bruises on the soul - psychological violence, a taboo to be broken

Let me hold your brain - Why "Calm down!" upsets people further and what we can learn from two cellos.

It's ok to believe in yourself! on creating alliances with the inner critic.

Hold on, grass roots - about volunteering and how it keeps being fun.

Nonviolent Communication and why connection is more effective than instruction and heavy arguments.


Bruises on the soul - a taboo to break

Lecture on the invisible violence that affects estimated 500.000 people in Denmark.

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Let me hold your brain

About neurobiology and why breathing on the wound heals it

Lecture on the brain, on regaining balance after an emotional eruption, collegial support and the long-term project: Rebuilding the brain for empathy.

When we defend ourselves or react with counterattacking, it appears that another part of the brain than common sense has temporarily taken over. We are hijacked by our amygdala, which is the brain's safety center. But amygdala does not have a situational sense and its impulses are far from always helpful.

In this lecture, the participants learn about what happens in the brain when someone overreacts and how to help each other returning to common sense.



It's ok to believe in yourself

Close off the inner critic. That's what health gurus and business coaches like Chris McDonald and Søren Holmgren say. But how? You can overrule the inner critic, argue against it or threaten it to silence, but every time you turn your back to it, it starts commenting you again.

In this cheerful lecture spiced with anecdotes from her own life, Pernille Plantener gives a how-to-do suggestion of how we can make peace with the inner critic and use it's impounded energy creatively in our lives.

Her basic assumption is that behind any negative message there is a longing. The inner critic wants to tell us something, and if we understand how to decode its dull language, we can release and utilize its vitality.




Hold on, grass roots!

A green, fair and meaningful world? That's on top of many a wishing list. Why is it that we sometimes use our forces on internal disputes and struggle about the agenda in the voluntary organizations?

There is no such thing as a free lunch nor something called work for free. In this lecture, listeners can expect to be inspired to look at conflicts as nutrient containers adding renewed growth opportunities to the shared cause.

Get inspiration to tackle the disruptors, the visionaries and the dreamers you cannot count on, and translate open and hidden conflicts into a shared reinforced enthusiasm. We recommend you let this lecture be followed by an in-house workshop.

Running the hood

Nonviolent Communication

What are the components of a happy life? And how can you go for happiness while allowing space for others to pursue happiness as well?

Nonviolent Communication is a mindset and a conversational process that more than anything else isable to defuse and connect people. The lecture gives samples based on participants' inputs and an idea of ​​what is possible if we meet each other without judgments and evaluations, while honestly asking for what we want.

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