Your body, your world

Cells, organs, individuals, communities, ecosystems, the biosphere. Clusters of devices, each with its own function. You and I are separate systems, and yet connected. None of us would be able to live on our own, just as no cell in a body could function separately from the others.

How do you treat your body? How do we treat our living earth? There is a close connection. Our biosphere is challenged, and it's our bodies as well. Consider what you expose it to from chemistry, wireless signals, unbalanced food, stressful everyday life, the hard dumbbells in front of the mirror, yes, continue the list. What does your body think about it?

How can we get in sync with the living miracle that is our biology? How can we treat both the human and planetary bodies with care and respect? And how can we who are change agents, coaches, healers etc. do what is needed in the world - and at the same time take due account of our own and our common (global) body?
How can we be and live the change in ourselves, as Gandhi so beautifully formulated, and yet go out and affect people?

Beating heart

It is a relevant question for me. I have so much on my list. Inspiring things like writing my newsletter, preparing workshops, coaching clients, attaching to our newly purchased sheep, training the dog, putting potatoes, watching friends, etc. A full program that is constantly disturbed by sms and email notifications, which confirms my connections in the world and requires minor immediate actions. I get easily tense and my heart jumps and knocks extra in response to all that bimlen and ding.

My body is in menopause and not happy for high speed and late work; It wants more breaks and leisure, but I choose not to follow its call. In order to keep me driving, I instead spot, or drink coffee, push myself, and drop to do things that leave me with black conscience. Such as finding alternatives to travel by air. Does it sound familiar?

Stress and global change

How can we support clients to live a life in accordance with their values ​​if we are in a state of physical and emotional stress?

Let me offer a moment of empathy.

Zoom in. All your cells working so hard. Let us imagine we hold on to them with warm and loving care and admiration for their tireless work. Invite your cells to trust that all is well now. Take a little rest. Let the shoulders fall, the jaw loosen the grip, the forehead smooth out - if willing. Let us send a wave of gratitude for the intent behind the race: to meet our desire to contribute to the well-being of others, to accomplish, to achieve goals, and to avoid disasters.
Try to expand the empathy wave so it blames over your family, both the positive culture of care that may be, and its misunderstandings or bride. See if you can acknowledge that there is certainly a positive intention behind any confusing or annoying episode.
Let the waves flush even further in the world and see if you can recognize that there is so much beauty on the globe and among people. See if you can recognize our shared need for security, justice and visibility, which unfortunately has tragically led to a reckless culture that is hollowing out our living foundation.
Let's make sure and realize how much there is need for care, repairs, reconciliation, forgiveness, realization of truth, and to let go.

And let's meet our customers, the world and our kitchen cabinet from a state of sadness, truth and let go.

We cannot do it alone, just as a cell in an unbalanced (diseased) human body cannot heal itself. We need each other to take turns grieving and being held, to believe in each other as we prepare to say 'No!', to stand behind each other when something brave needs to be said or something shameful revealed, so peace can be restored and power over our lives, our bodies and our earth regained.

As the Hopi elder says: “The time of the lone wolf is over. Pull yourself together.”