It's about time

I know what it's all about. It just nods to find the time for it. Do you know that?
Charged after the holidays, there is a great overview. It's almost like a new season for New Year's terms, both in terms of privacy and work.

Every Monday morning I will write an overview of the week's tasks. Every day before the fyraft, I have to clean my desk. Timer register daily. Every Friday clear my mailbox. Do not participate in backpacking.

I want to make sure there is a good lunch package every day. Start putting the kids half an hour earlier. Even go to bed earlier, wake up comfortably. More time with my partner and exercise more.

The rebellion threatens

It does not take more than a few days, so all the intentions change from being cared for myself to become Rules I'll Follow. It's heavy, calling for a commitment when I'm tired, and I'm getting mad. Suddenly the frenzy of urgency arises and I drop my skulls and goats.

The desk grows calmly and the habits take over, while I relax and remind myself that it should not be so boring all in all.

And there I sit in the old-fashioned scissors with insufficient overview, bad conscience, unhealthy lunch and missing time with the family again.

One new thing

What works for me is to change one thing. Only one. Make a project clear of my emails, eg. Spend time on it and promise a colleague Friday cake when it's done.

Or imagine what I say and do, the next time I'm giving up for backpacking. I will raise myself and get a cup of coffee, simply leave the situation. Such.

Or appoint Thursday evening to be early-in-bed-evening. Or Wednesday to the goddess story. Broken down into single parts, changes are suddenly possible. As long as there is only one project.

A cheeky challenge

Where did childhood 'come? You can not guarantee to reach the lamp post before me!' - Race? It was fun. Of course I could. Not because I should, but because I could.

One challenge to myself in the month I can power.

Instead of choosing the most important thing - here is the threat of rebellion already - so I choose the lightest or funniest. Or the one that will give me the most energy.

This month I will review my red emails every Friday - and follow up on them. Overview and good conscience awaits ahead - in addition to Friday cake.
What challenge do you choose?

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