• When your loved ones remember you to take care of yourself, say, go for what gives energy etc and you still fall back in the same pattern.
  • Or when you doubt there is at all an opinion with anything.
  • Or when loneliness is total inside, though it all looks very good from the outside.

- Then it's time to recall that you're connected to everything else alive. Every sunstroke, every rattle in the leaves and every buzzing bee has a message for you if you open yourself. The message is: You belong. And that makes sense. Evolution developed us to live with and in nature; only the past few generations have had stress, traffic, concrete towns and electronic entertainment as conditions. It etches our natural robustness. From the inside. When the body and mind turn off, it is actually a health sign.

six sheep look curious

Experience how gentle coaching under the tree crowns to the sound of the pelvic beak calibrates you so that you again become part of what you were born to. You are here, you make sense and you are connected. You have allies on all sides, and you can choose how you will respond to what comes to you.

1½ hours of coaching can revitalize you so you get a new perspective on your challenges.

An 4 or 6 x 1½ hour series can turn your relationship with yourself and others, and you can expect new insights, new touches to your everyday life and healthy rhythms. Joy of life, presence and motivation.

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Does it work?

Research clearly states that depression, anxiety, stress and hopelessness are related to, among other things. lack of nature contact. In nature, we not only get peace and energy, we also find obvious answers to what we are struggling with, and we get emotion with ourselves.

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