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The power of transformation - from I to we

It's not about I solving your problems. But that I midwife you to give birth to new, human bonds, where you and people around you thrive and create something together you couldn't do on your own. Your problems will resolve.

New solutions are needed in these times of climate crisis, ecological collapse and people leaving their homes to find better places to live.

We are grateful to live in this very time when warm hearts and cool brains are needed. We support reconciliation of internal and mutual conflicts and create understanding between people based on Nonviolent Communication. It provides space for finding solutions that consider everybody's needs, and it allows joy and meaningfulness for you and your community.

BusinessByHeart offers courses and events, coaching, lectures, feature days and different corporate excursions. We work with both the individual and the group; the result is strengthened 'we' feeling, stronger communities and relevant actions. We welcome private individuals, institutions, and companies. We often start from the nature around us, recognizing that we are human beings er nature, and the path to our inner connectedness is through feeling connected with everything living around us.


The fruit store - course center and demonstration of permaculture

Experience with earth and heart through one of the many courses and events in the Fruit Store. See more in the video below or read about courses and events here.

The management team has been brought together and has improved their cooperation

"Pernille Plantener is entertaining and professionally competent, and you get a good and constructive feedback both on questions and input. She doesn't necessarily stick to her script but can improvise without losing focus and overview. And I like her view on people in general. Without it, no companies produce results! "

- Kim Laursen, Director, Kiratin A / S

BusinessByHeart og The star sign has received support from the Local Action Group (LAG) and the EU rural funds for our course location - for the Fruit Warehouse, the shelter, the campfire hut and other facilities.

THANKS! We hope it benefits our many stakeholders.

Read more about how the EU invests in Rural areas here.