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Transformation at work

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The power of transformation - from I to we

It's not about solving problems. But about creating new human structures where people thrive and create something together they could not do separately.

We work with cooperation and conflict management based on Nonviolent Communication.

Training of the employees here has the following documented * effects:

  • Employees and managers become more efficient
  • There are fewer misunderstandings, conflicts and errors
  • The mental work environment is getting better
  • Direct, considerate speech replaces bullying and bagging
  • There are fewer complaints from customers and users

In short: Employees are thriving og work is being done more efficiently.

BusinessByHeart highlights and helps solve what stands out for any employee to unfold their natural commitment. Barriers become opportunities of clarity, cooperation and action.

BusinessByHeart offers lectures, workshops, custom-designed training courses and coaching of staff and team leaders. We work both with the individual and the group; The result is enhanced 'we'-feeling, proactive employees and less waste time.

Or choose individual coaching with a focus on increasing meaningfullness and enjoyment, or a course in personal development. Why? Because we have been there and know how much it means to take yourself seriously. For the joy of life, for the family and for the workplace.

*) Read more Miyashiro, M .: The Empathy Factor. Puddledancer Press 2011 and the report Collaborative Communication in Organizations

The management team has been brought together and has improved their cooperation

"Pernille Plantener is entertaining and professionally competent, and you get a good and constructive feedback both on questions and input. She doesn't necessarily stick to her script but can improvise without losing focus and overview. And I like her view on people in general. Without it, no companies produce results! "

- Kim Laursen, Director, Kiratin A / S