Coaching with heart and brain

Embrace, release, transform

Life is complex

Do you worry? Are you tired of doubting yourself and is there a gap between who you are inside and who you show to others? Action paralysis where you would like to move?

What if you could embrace your fear and your hopelessness, irritation or inner division? Could you develop an inner voice that understands you and gives you companionship?

In these times of war, climate collapse and crises, we need more than ever before to find an inner balance from which we can meet each other and everyday life calmly and robustly.

Your nervous system is not receiving orders. But you can enter into a dialogue with it, and it is possible to change the way it operates. All my experience, backed by research into the brain and nervous system, confirms that when we initially accept it as er, then movement becomes possible. What were fixed habits in our thoughts and reactions can be released, and we are given space to choose new paths. It allows for change in our relationships and to become and express what the heart longs for.

Pernille Plantener
Coach PCC and coach-instructor, trainer in Nonviolent Communication, i.a.

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Embrace, release, transform

I believe in a more beautiful world. Where people treat themselves, each other and all life with respect and dignity. Don't we all want that? And yet there is strife and oppression both on a global level, in families and neighborhoods, and within many of us.

Determination doesn't change that. Our brains have been encoded with unprocessed disappointment, fear and loneliness, and this becomes the filter through which we see the world. Change becomes possible when we acknowledge the truth of what has been pushed aside. 

The path to the more beautiful world of relief and meaning begins here, and it is worth every step.

I offer 1:1 interviews, courses and training.

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